Product Announcement - Fullstack Javascript Framework

CRA Redux Feathers SSR

Critical Features:
  • Server Side Rendering without NextJS
  • Code chunking with Loadable
  • Feathers Node (default server)
  • Create React App based
  • Material-ui SCSS styling
  • Cypress automated tests for CI/CD
  • Redux component data sharing
  • any Database (MongoDb by default), on AWS

Mobile Apps are great if you need the device APIs (ex. accelerometer), but:
Web Apps in the browser do:
Web App Works - Core Services

CRA Redux Feathers SSR

CRFS is the result of months of research
           and watching so many organisations get it wrong...

Cost:The Framework is not (yet) open sourced, but Free when you hire us:

The Framework is ideal for new Projects or to rapidly upgrade an existing Project.

CRFS out of the box:
  1. Fast websites load on mobile
  2. Google crawlable (SSR)
  3. Secure (SSL and NPM package update strategy)
  4. CI/CD ready Cypress functional testing with full test DB reset
  5. Role Management: Owner, Admin, TeamLeads, Staff and Customers
  6. Group based Permissions: View, Change, Remove
  7. Deployments scale to the Cloud
  8. End to End automated testing with Cypress
  9. Automated Emails
  10. Positive Developer experience
  11. Extensive error handling
CRFS Project Page
React Loadable

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