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Web App Works delivers Innovative Software Development.
We have built applications for AAPT, PwC, Sydney University and others.

Our Focus
  • Customer use mobile apps like product selection and purchase.
  • Business infrastructure apps for employee mobility.
  • Brand building special offer and loyalty apps.
  • Reference material knowledge lookup apps.
  • Delivery on time/budget and working closely with our clients.
  • As professional Apple iOS and Android developers we're constantly evaluating technology, framework and quality assurance practices. We help companies transition to employee owned devices (BYOD) with secure apps that protect against device loss.

    Agile Development
    We use an Agile development methodology that combines Scrum, XP and Lean when possible. From the client perspective, this means that working app features are delivered in regular cycles as opposed to one large final delivery. Ideally a key stakeholder in your organisation becomes our single point of contact.

    Process Overview
    Project Definition and Scoping
    Delivery And Support

    Mobile Web Development

    While Apple and Android apps are the choice of the majority of users, an equivalent or improved solution can often be implelented in HTML5 technologies such as Javascript and CSS3. Web App Works has the depth to select the technology sets best suited to a given business problem.

    Data Backend Services

    Web App Works has expertise in Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL DB connectivity and AWS including EC2, RDS and CloudFront S3. Assuming that the data is purposed for a mobile app, we either utilize / adapt existing data sources or can create the required data facilities from scratch. This includes any required data packaging code in Java and Scala.

    Desktop Apps

    We also build apps for desktop browsers when required. This can often be done by reusing code from an iPad/iPhone/Android application. Use cases include administrative apps for access to data not usually granted to regular users.

    Animated Screen Casts

    Web App Works produces short videos which animate app concepts and features to new users. The purpose and utility of a mobile application are particularly well conveyed in short video casts. The same graphic art work used to build the app are sourced in creating screen casts.

    Mobile Trends

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